12 November 2008

YIPPEEE I Won Bev's Candy

I don't belieeeeve it (sound like Victor Meldrew don't I lol) but I found out last night that I won Bev's FAB-U-LOUS candy. And because she got such a huge response she decided to give away further prizes. Isn't that a really sweet thing to do :0). Just want to say again many thanks for the gorgeous candy Bev and I'll be stalking the postman everyday now lol. This is what I've won


  1. WOW! Brilliant Michele, I'm so glad you won Bev's gorgeous candy! You're going to be having some fun very soon. Enjoy! Chris x

  2. Oh Congrats, Michele! that is awesome!!!
    have fun with it all...looks fabulous!!!
    Hugs, TaraG

  3. Congrats Michele...you'll have fun with that yummy stash..xx

  4. Congrats Michele, so pleased for you!
    Hugs Lynsey :)

  5. Congrats on your win Michele weel done :)
    Val xxx

  6. Congratulations on a well deserved win Michele :) Donna x


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