24 October 2008

I've Been Tagged By Tab

I can't believe it... twice in one week that I've been tagged. Many thanks for tagging me Tab

Please see 4 posts down about 7 things about me. The 7 people that I'm tagging are:

Sue - http://susiesunshines.blogspot.com/
Sharon - http://sharon-mycreativespace.blogspot.com/
Beatrix - http://megastamper.blogspot.com/
Cathy - http://ellieskeeperscreations.blogspot.com/
Tracie - http://pinkangel-traciejane.blogspot.com/
Joey - http://joeysworldofstuff.blogspot.com/
Camilla - http://millishobbyverden.blogspot.com/

Have fun :)


  1. Thanks for the tag Michele and for following my blog!!

    Sharon x

  2. Hi Michele, Thanks for the tag.xxx

  3. Hi Michele,
    Thanks for th tag - I've been away for the weekend so I'll do it tomorrow when I do my catching up!
    Cathy xx


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