16 October 2008

Today Wasn't A Bad Day After All

Well if I'm totally honest I was really dreading today. I know that it's my 40th birthday today but it's also my first birthday without my mum being here. My mum passed away December last year after a short battle from cancer (she was only 63). But she wasn't only my mum, she was also my best friend. But thankfully my DH booked two days off work and has been a tower of strength for me. Also my three children were sooo excited to see balloons, cards and presents everywhere that really lifted my spirits. I thought I'd have a quite day but it's been quite busy, what with people ringing or texting me and taking the kids to Mcdonalds, doing a bit of retail therapy, the day has flown by (t.g.).


  1. Glad you had a good day - that's what Birthdays are for!! & well done to OH for taking a couple of days off to be with you too!
    Can I just say that is a beautiful pic of your Mum.

  2. Ah I'm so sorry I missed your birthday sweetie, belated wishes from me. I'm glad your hubby took time off to be with you.

    hugs Bev x


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